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APAP|NYC is an annual convention for the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, basically a who’s who of theatres, managers, agents, and solo and company shows, musical acts, and all manner of variety and production across the country and even internationally. Working through the Czech Center, I was helping my good friends and colleagues at the […]

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5 Lesbians eating a Quiche is the untold story of the

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A naked woman is one of my most favorite things in the world. Naked women is even better. They are beautiful creatures. Whether it’s a lover, a strip club, a dirty movie, an artist’s rendering, or a good old-fashioned strip tease, I really love a naked woman; so it’s no wonder I spent a year […]

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I’m not a huge fan of art shows. I love art, and I know what I like, but I don’t like pretension and art galleries are full of it. So when I went to go see a new but dear friend’s work at “Lay in Wait: Resolutions” in Brooklyn, I was less than excited. The […]

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I have admired the Mummenschanz ever since I saw them on The Muppet Show as a little kid. Even at 5 (or was I younger?) I could appreciate the nuances of this strange puppetry. Yes, their name is derived from mummens meaning mimes, but Kermit called them cousins, and I stand firmly that they are […]